Social Commitment

One of the wonderful things about being self-employed is the freedom to choose to work for my business or to use my talents and resources without renumeration (pro bono). I have the honour to know and be trusted by amazing social entrepreneurs and political actors who are making a difference to the way society and democracy works. And I am grateful to be able to help them do this by providing my facilitation and consulting skills whenever I can.

I support Ashoka because I admire their intelligent and visionary team, love their work ethic and, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to work with some of the world’s most effective and innovative change-makers – the Ashoka Fellows? is run by a wonderful social entrepreneur, Katja Urbatsch, who has inspired me to deal with some of the issues I have with Germany’s education system: it doesn’t matter if you’re from a non-academic or foreign background, Germany’s schools and universities are really bad at dealing with diversity and welcoming those unfamiliar with their “ins and outs” into the system. One of the world’s most renowned social entrepreneurs is Prof. Andreas Heinecke, the “dark master” behind the well-known Dialogue in the Dark. I’m working with his sighted and non-sighted team to set their agenda for the coming decade. If you’re sighted, go and experience a dialogue or dinner in the dark and understand how non-sighted you can be and how disability really is in the eye of the holder…

I’m not politically affiliated, but keen to support some of the engaged and innovative politicians out there who are doing their best to bridge the gap between politics and society and enter into critical dialogue with citizens and their own members.

Jonas Schumacher is an old friend and mastermind behind Masifunde, enabling kids in Port Elizabeth to bridge the gap from often difficult family situations to education. He’s amazing and I would like to help more – not least because it’s huge fun and a few days with him and the children is a real highlight of my year.

My daughter goes to one of the most wonderful Kindergartens in the area and it’s great to be on the parents association, where I’m also able to bring in my facilitation experience and support the parents’ association meetings. I also go in every now and again and play with the children in English – amazing how much sticks if it’s fun.


“Natasha is an essential success factor for our Fellow and team meetings. She is one of Europe’s best facilitators.”

Felix Oldenburg, Hauptgeschäftsführer Ashoka Deutschland, European Director

Ashoka Deutschland gGmbH

“Natasha masterminded our 2011 Deutschland Treffen for 250 mentors in Berlin. Thanks to her energy, her focussed, motivating facilitation and her sophisticated digital facilitation tool, we were able to generate fantastic results to carry us forward and help professionalise our mentoring process.” Katja Urbatsch, Geschäftsführerin


“Mir ist der aktive und kritische Dialog mit Bürgerinnen und Bürgern vor Ort sowie in unserer CDU-Mitgliedschaft von größter Bedeutung. Frau Walker schafft es immer wieder innovative und geeignete Formate dafür zu entwickeln und eine 100-prozentige Beteiligung – gerade auch in heterogenen Gruppen – zu ermöglichen. Ihre Moderation ist motivierend, zielorientiert und sehr effektiv.” Dr. Michael Meister, Mitglied des Deutschen Bundestags, Stellvertretender Fraktionsvorsitzender der CDU/CSU Bundestagsfraktion


Dr. Lars Castellucci, stellvertretender Landesvorsitzender Baden-Württemberg

“Natasha ist ein Feuerwerk. Sie hat immer das richtige Gespür für die Menschen im Saal und umschifft

mit Charme und Autorität jede Klippe. Vielschwätzer haben keine Chance –
optimal für Moderationen im politischen Raum.”

masifunde logoMasifunde Bildungsförderung e.V.

Teaching moderation to the Masifunde team and to the extraordinary school pupils who work at schools across the region.

Kinderhaus Heidelberg

Elternbeirätin, Kinderhaus Heidelberg Ziegelhausen e. V.


Dialogue in the Dark (“moving beyond sight”)

Support for strategy development.



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