I’m an expert in designing and facilitating dialogue processes – off and online – that will change the way people work together. For the better.

You won’t find me preaching any particular methodology, but using my creativity, knowledge, curiosity and experience of working with groups to find the best way to reach your goals. People enjoy taking part in conferences, meetings and workshops I facilitate. They feel they have achieved something worth while: added value through participation and impact. My clients ask me to design and facilitate their dialogues with stakeholders, employees, citizens and others because they feel confident that I’ll create a conducive and enabling environment, ask the right questions, set motivating and challenging tasks and summarise the dialogue most effectively.

Sure, I can do open space, future search, world café, carousel, etc. etc. So can many many others. That’s not what good facilitation and dialogue is about. It’s about enabling, motivating and creating the necessary environment for a unique group of people to reach specific objectives efficiently.  And that takes creativity, knowledge and experience.

It’s my job to give you that. It’s what I do best.

What I do:

You can engage my interculturally sensitive and intellectually astute services to:

  • design and facilitate complex and effective dialogue processes within or surrounding an organisation or project (i.e. stakeholder dialogue processes, strategy development processes, OD, community / infrastructure development processes with high conflict potential)
  • design and facilitate constructive, effective and motivating workshops, meetings and conferences
  • conduct an intelligent, content-oriented and entertaining podium, panel or expert debate
  • …coach you to do a lot of it yourself!

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