I’m a consultant for communication and love facilitation because I’m able to help people solve their problems themselves, to create ideas which can actually work, to make difficult decisions and to enjoy doing what human beings (can) do best: improving their lives and having fun.

Natasha Walker

This blog is a way of conducting a discussion on facilitation and the facilitator role. I’d like to find out about what you think and interact with the global community of facilitators and those who see the benefits of being facilitated!

I’m 46 and have 23 years of international experience as a communication consultant, with a great focus onĀ facilitation – mostly offline, but increasingly and with great interest online. I’m at home with both small and large groups, dividing my time between working on strategy processes with excellent companies and governmental and societal organisations. I have had the privilege to build up skills and knowledge in the fields of energy, biodiversity and sustainability, regional and economic development, citizen participation and organisational development. That means my work’s all about change.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Christopher Gohl

    Hi Natasha, great to see your blog! I’m looking forward to reading much more of you. Especially enjoyed your reflection on patience :-). – I enjoy blogging myself because it’s a good way to reflect on something in a concise way, and create a space for others to join in the reflection. I’ve added you to my own Blog-List over at http://diagoal.blogspot.com, and would love to feature you in a little while. Love across town… Loffer

    1. Natasha Walker Post author

      Gosh! What an honour! I’d love to. Have just checked out your amazing blog. You’re a genious. I could spend hours there, reading and reflecting and re-reading. Are brill. Hope to see you soon!


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