The strength of public private partnerships done right

High level Forum of the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation in the Museum der Kommunikation in Berlin052ED-066BE.jpg

This has got to be one of my favourite processes: the German Alliance for Trade Facilitation. I’ve been supporting it since its birth in 2016 and have marvelled at the growth of the network – German businesses and economic associations with the German Government. Monday’s first High Level Forum showcased how the simplification of non-tariff trade processes and removal of barriers not only benefits Germany’s exporting industry, but also business and community partners in developing countries. Whether in Ghana or Montenegro, the Alliance has shown it is possible to reduce time goods spend at customs, increase knowledge and reliability or generate more automated systems. As Dr. Thomas Ogilvie, Member of the Management Board at DHL Group, said: the Alliance is a unique opportunity to articulate, educate and innovate.

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