Web host server down

Now I’m not saying that organising a business isn’t complex – juggling emails, telephone calls, meetings and concepts – but it’s what I’ve been doing since going solo in 2010. And it relies on the IT service providers’ accountability, reliability and transparency. Unfortunately, I’ve been let down since Friday by mine. #domainfactory. https://www.df.eu/blog/informationen-zur-eingeschraenkten-vefuegbarkeit-von-hostedexchange/

You won’t be able to reach me reliably per mail. Please feel free to use the horrible alternative that I still have from my early days: natashantwalker@yahoo.de and Skype me on natasha.walker.uk or give me a call.

This is an exercise in how NOT to inform customers of what they can expect. Really crummy crisis communication. As such, I have absolutely no idea when I’m back with emails.

So now I think I’ll go and bake a cake.img_0288

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