What’s up?

Quite a few people are asking me that heavily pregnant question – incorporating both how I am and how my business is going (the bane and joy of being self-employed). The answer can be “very well, thank you”, “lots” or a little more detailed. I’m thrilled with what’s up, even though it does tend to leave me breathless! It’s great to have the feeling of doing relevant stuff for good people and organisations and making sure I’m not just working. So in addition to going to dinner with friends, partying till dawn and teaching my daughter to swim, I’m able to work – from this weekend to the end of February (the shortest month) alone, for the following clients:

  • BASF – what a team! We’re working at all hours putting together a concept for strengthening the Kulturwandel in a department – due for dialogue with managers in February
  • Robert Bosch Stiftung – Future Search Conference for the school-university programm “DENKWERK” with professors, teachers and pupils
  • GIZ – Management meeting for a department tackling the world’s most important challenges
  • von Rundstedt HR Partners – workshop with management and sales. Wonderful people to work with.
  • GIZ – again, creative strategy with the entire staff of a different department
  • United Nations international biodiversity workshop
  • German Federal State Action Plan “Stopping violence against Women” in North Rhine Westfalia – Meeting #7
  • Ashoka Germany – Fellow Meeting in Hamburg with Dialogue in the Dark Mastermind Andreas Heinecke (pro bono)
  • German Federal Ministry for Family etc.: Multistakeholder Conference with 200 key players in promoting and disseminating social innovation
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft – consultation for the strategy process for the Microelectronics group

Leading up to a great chance to work with DIS AG on the Xpert-Programme at the start of March. And then it’s off to South Africa to work with Jonas Schumacher and Masifunde and take some time to relax too!

I’m so glad to be doing what I like to do. To sum it up, the answer to the question “What’s up?” has to be “Thumbs!”



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