Taking the biodiversity dialogue further

Trondheim is cold. But people are talking here and energetically trying to move forward in preparing for the post 2010 targets. Maybe it’s thanks to the excellent Norwegan hosts, the great food and wonderful organ concert in the vast cathedral. The unique mix of policy makers from 96 countries, cutting edge scientists from all disciplines and NGO representatives has brought forward the urgency of action at all levels to stave off biodiversity loss.
I’m here to facilitate open discussions on 2 afternoons. People have listened to a wealth of presentations and need to let off steam at our round table dialogues: in form of questions, but mostly creative ideas and collaborative thoughts.
As always, the intercultural and international flavours add to the complexity of the talks, but also do the inate complexity of global conventions justice. How to create a consistency between biodiversity, climate change and millenium development goals? If these vital goals compete against each other – as they are inevitably doing without powerful coordination – at least one of them will fail. And mankind and our planet will not necessarily be able to cope and survive, if that happens.
Will biodiversity need to “get on the Climate Change bandwagon”, as one participant said? Participants are calling for a clear and powerful scientific basis, acceptable and communicable targets (how ambitious and achievable will the new strategic plan of the CBD be?) and mechanisms to implement the convention (conservation, preservation and access and benefit sharing).
Keep your eyes open in this Year of Biodiversity and let’s all of us do our best to support giving value to biodiversity and ecosystem services.



2 thoughts on “Taking the biodiversity dialogue further

  1. window2nature

    Hi Natasha, I’m a participant of the Trondheim Conference on Biodiversity and do agree that it was a great forum. The break-out sessions (or open discussions) generated so much of ideas and should be thankful to you for facilitating it really well. Most of us are from different countries and English is only our second language. But your facilitation always gave us a push whenever we got stuck in communicating and helped to get our messages heard at this global forum 🙂

    Malka Rodrigo~
    Sri Lanka

  2. Anita James

    Great meeting in Trondheim. Thanks to you again for your facilitation skills which you seem to have a real passion for. Keep up the great meaningful work!

    Anita James
    Saint Lucia


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