2010 as NWA

OK, so I’m going to be 40 this year. Maybe that’s a good reason to make some changes. Anyway, I decided to start my own international consultancy company as from 1. January. Natasha Walker Associates (NWA) will be helping clients from industry, SME, governments, foundations and other organisations to facilitate their share of tomorrow’s world. Facilitation, communications and coaching: I’m doing my thing to bring about lasting change in Germany, Europe and anywhere else that will have me.

What’s it like to go it alone? It’s about trusting in one’s own resources. About having the right brains, heart, experience, intuition and network to deliver real solutions for demanding and ambitious clients. And about realising you’re trusted and valued by people you respect.

NWA is already honoured with amazing clients. The sort of people who challenge stagnation and set themselves and others tough targets. They enjoy creating teams that don’t just function, but ones that learn, develop, grow and provide the world with innovation, sustainable services, solidarity and plenty of fun! They ask questions and listen to others. They are decision-makers, wise and full of character.

I am tremendously grateful to IFOK for allowing me to continuously jump in at the deep end – often in particularly cold water. I have learned so much in the 14 years.

And now it’s all up to me. I’m excited, convinced of what I do and determined to make real changes in the way we work together to challenge world threats such as climate change and single-track economic growth, to increase corporate efficiency and effectiveness, secure our children’s future and find acceptable solutions to conflicts.

And as if that’s not enough, I’m also looking forward to a great deal more variety and diversity in my life: my wonderful friends and muses, music and SWR2, reading and writing (I’ve got 3 novels jogging around in my head), walking in the beautiful German forests just on the other side of my garden, my beautiful children and Uwe, perhaps a dog and of course lots of pretentious cooking.

Wish me luck. I look forward to hard work, good ideas and fantastic partners and clients to grow with. I’d be trilled to hear what you think. Please leave me a line.


1 thought on “2010 as NWA

  1. Ann Kristin

    You certainly are missing in the office but I am sooo looking forward to hearing about all your new experiences. And I hope we can still walk some of the way together…life is a journey, not a trip… ❤


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