Life without a laptop

You have to understand: Sun, sea, bagpipes, wind, mountains, lochs, castles, bacon and tomatoes, Bowmore, Famous Grouse, lobster, venison, Pouillet Fume. Yes, it’s holidays at the this time of the northern hemisphere’s year and I’ve had a glorious time of it without my laptop.

Scotland rained only twice on us (listen, it’s the UK, so it’s perfectly legit to at least mention the weather!). Otherwise, we were sun-smiled on and all our senses spoiled. The smell of Europe’s western sea shore is just untopable. And the taste of the fruits of the Atlantic mouth-melting. I could go on, but I’m starting to sound like a cheap poet or a blubbering travel agent.

So what’s all this got to do with facilitation?

Nothing actually. Not even an excuse for not filling this blog for a while. Just a chance to show a bit of gratitude and acknowledge my luck at being able to explore my world in freedom. It’s good to take a step off this ethereal plane and tank up the senses and the heart with reality and blustery gales, tottering on a mountain with a glorious cooked breakfast inside and the family around.

Now this is going to be good for my facilitation!


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